New Testament Welfare Association

The New Testament Welfare Association (NTWA) aims to provide a service for elderly predominantly African Caribbean senior citizens who are at risk of social isolation and who would not get out and see people or take part in community activities.  To that end we provide transport, a hot meal and a social programme 2 days a week.

The Day Centre meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the rear of the main church building on Holly Hall Road.  Transport is provided to those in need, to and from the Centre.  Service users are given a drink on their arrival.  A cooked lunch  is provided by our own caterers and there is a programme of activities as well as time to socialised with others.  The programme also extends to occasional trips and outings, although mostly self-financing.

We cater for up to 30 people each day of opening.  We have a team of staff and volunteers who help out in various ways.

The Day Centre is mainly funded by Dudley MBC’s Directorate of Housing ad Community Services (DACHS) which determines the terms of our Service Level Agreement (SLA).  The Day Centre is open to anyone, age 55 and above (45+ for those with a disability).  Although on occasion there is some Christian content to some of the programmes and entertainment, there is no obligation for anyone to hold any particular religious views or take part in these activities.


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